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Three Policies of Entrepreneurship Program

Admission Policy for Entrepreneurship Program

The Entrepreneurship Program considers for admission those who, with the fundamental mission of TUT in mind, are strongly motivated to apply themselves to the study and research on the practical and useful management of technology-oriented venture business so as to become highly skilled researchers or engineers with a practical mindset, while pursuing their personal growth. More specifically, it seeks those who wish to become creative, internationally minded, educated individuals by fostering a sense of humanity as well as an awareness of ethics and to help to build a sustainable society.

Curriculum Policy for Entrepreneurship Program

Placing emphasis on practical education and research, the Graduate School of Bionics, Computer and Media Sciences leads the progress in the fields of science and technology that contribute to the construction of a sustainable society and builds a workforce of creative, internationally minded, educated individuals possessed of a sense of humanity and an awareness of ethics as well as technical expertise. The Entrepreneurship Program offers a Master's Course in entrepreneurship that is taught according to the curriculum policy outlined below.

  • Master's Course, Entrepreneurship Program
    The curriculum for the Master's Course is designed to have graduate students build upon what they have achieved during the bachelor's course and acquire a wide range of expert knowledge in the research field of creating market values capitalizing on advanced technologies, while at the same time equipping them with a breadth of academic learning and technology by offering a flexible mix of lectures, exercise, practice, and research projects spanning multiple disciplines transcending conventional boundaries.

    More specifically, through programs focusing on creative research and multidisciplinary project research, the curriculum is designed to educate graduate students to become researchers and engineers possessed of a sense of ethics in academic research and capable of conducting creative research, presenting and explaining the fruit (results and their meanings) of their research, and solving real-life problems.

Diploma Policy for Entrepreneurship Program

  • Master's Course, Entrepreneurship Program
    The requirements for qualifying for a master's diploma are, first, to enroll for a pre-specified period of time in the Entrepreneurship Program, second, to earn at least a specified total number of credits by completing the subjects that are designed adhering to the educational and research principles of the Entrepreneurship Program (creating market values capitalizing on advanced technologies), and finally to complete the course by passing the final exam for the master's degree given by the Entrepreneurship Program as well as the evaluation of a master's thesis.

    The criterion for completing the Master's Course in the Entrepreneur Program is that the candidate (graduate student) is equipped with wide-ranging expert knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and also is possessed of outstanding research ability in entrepreneurship as well as various capabilities expected of practical professionals.