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Admission Examinations

Master’s Programs and Ph.D. Programs

Application Period Examination Date Announcement Date Deadline for Admission
Schedule A August 21(Tue)~
August 28(Tue), 2018
September 8(Sat), 2018 September 14(Fri), 2018 October 5(Fri), 2018
Schedule B January 10(Thu) ~
January 18(Fri), 2019
February 2(Sat), 2019 February 15(Fri), 2019 February 27(Wed), 2019

Notes for making an application

  • Please see the application guidelines for details of qualifications for admission.
    >Details of Application and Brochure Request(Japanese only)
  • Be sure to make contact with the faculty member by whom you wish to be supervised and consult with them concerning content of research etc. (except for the Entrepreneurship Program)
  • Classes of the graduate school are in principle given in Japanese. International students should possess Japanese skills sufficient for understanding the classes prior to application.

Selection Process

Master’s Programs

Schedules A and B

General entrance examination

Screening via documentation (undergraduate school records and research plan) and interview.

Mature student entrance examination

*For adults having at least 2 years of real-world experience Screening
via documentation (curriculum vitae with records of operational
experience and research plan) and interview.

Ph.D. Programs

Screening via documentation (graduate school records and research plan) and presentation of master’s thesis or equivalent research with an accompanying question and answer session.