About KARI


In terms of organizational structure, KARI consists of a research organization with its Laboratory, projects, consortia, and centers, and a research support organization, which is called the Collaborate Research Office.

Organizational Chart


This is the organization which actually conducts actual research activities on various long-term research themes. The laboratory has a number of projects and consortia.


A project handles relatively short to medium range research themes. A project is ad hoc and non-permanent in nature, in that it is created when a new theme comes up and is terminated when the research on the theme comes to an end.


In a consortium, KARI and the participating members (usually companies) carry out research collaboratively on themes of common interest.


A center is an organization which carries out a specific designated research.

Collaborate Research Office

The Collaborate Research Office serves as a coordination center for industry-government-academia research activities and manages recruiting, procurement of funds and equipment, contractual matters, research results, intellectual property, and other administrative matters and supports the management of the research organization.

About KARI