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We foster human resources who are capable of broadly conveying design proposals founded on rich creativity and modelling capability while fully utilizing high-level, state-of-the-art ICT with a view to applying as solutions to real-world problems in the future. We aim to produce the next generation of designers who are endowed with sufficient communication abilities to be active in international settings, management competence for executing plans, planning capabilities that utilizes analysis and evaluation skills, problem-solving abilities, and other outstanding research capabilities, allowing them to play versatile and practical roles in the future of society.


Faculty Guidance Setup Tailored to Research Themes

Based in a guidance system for conducting transversal research across the fields of visual creation, industry creation, and design skills, this Program develops the ability to approach diverse social problems with broad expertise and propose designs that link to problem-solving in the real world through thinking outside the box.

Highly Creative Research utilizing Digital Skills

Based on highly original design expressions that make full use of the digital skills that drive the modern age, and as typified by ICT, this Program aims to foster human resources who will contribute to building a future sustainable society through developing highly creative designs with a view to their eventual installation.

Pursuit of High-level, Internationally Competent
Communication Ability

Through preparing presentations and drafts (basic drafts) in English and conducting active exchange in research presentation settings such as Cumulus (International Association), we strive to nurture international refinement and a rich sense of humanity, while also seeking to enhance communication abilities underpinned by logical thinking and capacity for analysis and evaluation.

Main Subjects

Research Project Subjects

Planning of Design Research,
Design Project Ⅰ・Ⅱ・Ⅲ

During the two-year duration of the program, students set and plan themes and conduct research under the guidance of a tutor. At the end of each semester, research presentation meetings are held so that students can present their research progress and achievements. At the end of two years of study, students write a master’s dissertation and produce a work as the culmination of their master’s degree program.

Specialist Subjects

Advanced Theory of Design

In design, it is essential to adopt the viewpoint of working on proposals while taking social relevance and international trends into consideration.Conducted in an omnibus style by faculty members in the fields of visual design, video design, spatial design, and engineering design, this course aims to impart the latest design knowledge and give students a transversal grounding in theory and methodology for making proposals and deriving solutions in society.

Visual Creation Ⅰ・Ⅱ

Students tackle information design and digital signage tasks while acquiring advanced knowledge of such technology as AR and VR, with the aims of enhancing digital skills and producing works to enhance creativity.

Industry Creation Ⅰ・Ⅱ

Students tackle simulation and planning tasks related to industrial and spatial design through utilizing various still-evolving advanced technologies, including IoT, AR, and VR, while keeping an eye on wide-ranging social needs and living environments.

Faculty Profiles

Akio Itou

Graphic Design,Scientific Illustration

Takemi Kuresawa

Contemporary Art Studies,Museology,Pop Culture Studies

Koichi Sakao

Field Work,Site-Specific Art,Workshop

Shino Suefusa

Graphic Design,Illustration

Seiichiro Matsumura

Sound Design,Interaction Design,Interactive Art

Mie Miyamoto

Architectural Design,Self-Build Design,Spatial Design

Hidetaka Itou


Kazuha Kato

Computer Human Interface Design,Information Design

Tadashi Sakai

Three Dimension Design,Space Design,Art Workshop

Goro Tamura

Stage Direction,Art Direction

Kenta Nakajima


Kensaku Fukazawa

Oil Painting,Mixed Media,Installation

Takeo Ainoya