Sustainable Engineering Program

Kenji HARA


Kenji HARA

Department/Research Field

Graduate School of Bionics/Applied Chemistry

Research content
Novel catalyst is necessary for sustainable society utilizing limited resource and energy on the earth. Methods to obtain precisely designed and systematically prepared efficient catalytic reaction sites, inspired from structures in natural enzymes, have been developed. Such research and development of novel catalysts is aimed for contribution to global environmental and energy resource issues in near future. In addition, established methods and obtained knowledge will be applied to improvement of quality life and health as well as applications such as diagnosis and medical treatment.
Kenji HARA
Preparation of precisely designed nano-structures and application to innovative catalysis, improvement of quality of life and health, and diagnosis and medical treatment

Research theme

1. Catalytic Chemistry
2. Science of Environment and Energy Resource
3. Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Research keywords
Nano-Structured Catalyst , Environmentally-Benign Chemical Transformation , Precisely-Designed Reaction Site
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