Media Science Program

Takashi OHTA


Takashi OHTA

Department/Research Field

Media Science/Human Computer Interaction

Research content
The themes in this lab. are related with Human-Computer Interaction research field. First theme is to design an intuitive interface that can relates multiple devices interactively. Research in this theme aims for providing a content platform that enables a new content representation and interaction. Second one is to create digital functions that are embedded within a living environment that react to human’s non-manipulative behavior. It aims to demonstrate a way of computer’s existence in future. The last one is to design a “fun” content and let it affects people and changes their behavior for good. The work in this research field aims not to prohibit a person from doing a wrong but affects people to do a right way by offering a “fun” by designing an interactive digital content.
Takashi OHTA
An interface that dynamically relates multiple devices by applying a pinching gesture to their screens

Research theme

1. Multiple devices work in relation
2. Design of living environment equipped digital function
3. Application of “Fun Theroty”

Research keywords
Interaction Design , Interface Design , IoT
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