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Department/Research Field

Media Science Program/Computer Network/Internet, IoT (Internet of Things), Machine Learning

Research content
We are trying to apply machine learning to find miss input of characters in documents, to cluster Web pages of technical contents, to detect network traffic by malwares, and so on. Gensim, scikit-learn, Google Tensorflow, Amazon Machine Learning and GPGPU are used for these theme. Some students are working on development of integrated environment of controllers of OpenFlow, as well as studying for more general Software Defined Network (SDN). Mitigating the constraints on port use in Carrier Grade NAT (CGN) will be one of the promising technique until the deployment of IPv6 is achieved. Internet of Things (IoT) is an another research area of us. We are making prototype of the system with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or Intel Edison in conjunction with some cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS). To date, agricultural system, transportation, sensing are supported by IoT, some of them are combined to Big Data processing and machine learning.
Caption: A prototype of Agricultural support system by IoT.

Research theme

1. Applying machine learning to various problems
2. Improvement of CGN
3. Building a system based on IoT

Research keywords
IoT , Machine Learning , CGN
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