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Media Science/Instrumentation engineering, Computer graphics

Research content
X-ray CT is an established technology for generating cross-sectional images of an object. CT has spread rapidly in medical and industrial fields as a non-invasive inspection, however, there remains a lot of technical problems. In order to generate more accurate images that are useful for diagnosis and inspections, we develop new noise reduction algorithms in CT. In addition, multiple CT images can reconstruct three-dimensional computer graphics (3DCG), which finely simulates the inside of living beings, such as bones and organs. We focus on this capability of CT, and try to develop novel realistic contents, e.g., cooking training system or surgical training system combined with haptic devices.
The volume rendering result by stacking CT images of horse mackerel.

Research theme

1. Image reconstruction technology using X-ray CT and its application to CG contents

Research keywords
X-ray CT , Imaging technology , 3DCG
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