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Department/Research Field

Media Science/Computer graphics, Image processing

Research content
This laboratory carries out research on creating something interesting or useful using computer graphics and/or image processing technologies. Our goal is to invent element technologies for content-creation or manufacturing industries, rather than to create a content itself. Lab members are supposed to achieve results of novel digital image expressions or tools to make creators’ or designers’ work more efficient. A broad range of research themes are taken into consideration as long as they relate to digital image. In addition to writing programs, some members do research using special purpose equipment or devices such as hyper-spectral cameras or various types of sensors.
Left: Visualization results of blurred image through a progressive addition lens (top: Correction of myopia by the upper part of the lens, bottom: Correction of presbyopia by the lower part of the lens)
Upper right: A motion simulation result of water droplets rolling on a hydrophobic windshield
Lower center: A motion simulation result of aurora
Lower right: Glare effect visualization taking into account the spectral and directional features of headlamps, and a human eye structure

Research theme

1. Pursuit of novel image expression
2. Assistance for content creation

Research keywords
visual simulation , spectral image , visual effects
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