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School of Bioscience and Biotechnology


About the School of Bioscience and Biotechnology

Biotechnology has shown rapid development alongside advancements in bioscience, and the School of Bioscience and Biotechnology offers systematic training in its fundamental concepts as well as the latest technical expertise in the field. By equipping students with technical knowledge and skills, the school aims to nurture individuals who promise to benefit people, society, the environment, and industry in a wide range of applications.

Four Courses in Bioscience and Biotechnology

Bioscience and Environmental Biotechnology Course

The Bioscience and Environmental Biotechnology Course equips students with the knowledge and skills involved in applying advantageous functions found in organisms for use in fields such as medicine or environmental preservation. The course offers two separate focuses. Students in bioscience will engage in the research and development of technology such as the use of biological materials in regenerative medicine, or diagnostic biosensors that merge biomolecules with analytical technology. Students in environmental technology will study innovative techniques such as microbial applications in environmental purification or the use of genetic engineering in afforesting deserts.

Pharmaceutical Biosciences Course

The Pharmaceutical Biosciences Course encourages students to apply cutting-edge biotechnology in developing new medicines and medical systems. In addition to genetic and cellular engineering technology, the course offers study in merging biology and chemistry for new methods in drug development. Through research related to drug development in nucleic acid medicines, protein medicines, genetic diagnosis, regenerative medicine, and drug delivery systems (DDS), the course aims to nurture individuals who will benefit medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Advanced Food Course

The Advanced Food Course applies innovative biotechnology to food, such as in developing new food products that benefit human health or for the quality management of food. The course aims to support future aging populations so that the people may lead healthier lives such as by creating groundbreaking functional foods.

Advanced Cosmetics Course

The Advanced Cosmetics Course equips students with practical knowledge and expertise in designing cosmetics such as by studying skin and hair. Students undertake research involving skin whitening, anti-aging and hair growth, and learn how to create cosmetics such as lotions and foundations in a systematic manner. The course also offers practical training from instructors who are former research members from cosmetics companies.

Collaborative research opportunity with the School of Biosciences and Biotechnology

Professor Atsushi Sato and colleagues are looking for collaborators from all over the world for projects on the development of bioconjugated (PEG, Fc and albumin fused) lactoferrin as a therapeutic protein. Refer here for more details.