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School of Engineering

About the School of Engineering

We strive to develop technologies that enable a comfortable society. The School of Engineering promotes "sustainable engineering," a new field in practical education that supports the sustainable development of society for the future. The concept of sustainable engineering was developed in response to problems such as the depletion of natural resources and environmental destruction that emerged in exchange for improvements in science and technology throughout the 20th century. The concept builds on engineering techniques and pertains to a diverse range of fields including the recycling of resources, environmental preservation and saving energy. The school offers unique opportunities such as industry-university cooperative education, and encourages students to develop technical, practical, and international expertise.

Three Departments in Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

With diverse knowledge and technologies in mechanical engineering, our goal is to enable a new way of manufacturing and production that harmonizes with people, the environment, and society.

Mechanical engineering spans a wide range of industries such as automobiles, railroads, cameras, industrial devices, robots, micromachinery, and medical devices. The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to equip students with innovative technical knowledge and expertise that are beneficial to the sustainable development of society and the technologies behind the machines, electric/electronic elements, and systems that pertain to the above mentioned industries. By having students learn basic necessary skills such as mechanics and drafting involved in designing the strength and functionality of machines, as well as ways to apply these skills, the department nurtures technical experts with broad perspectives capable of contributing to the future of manufacturing and production that strives to harmonize with people, the environment, and society.

Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering

Looking to the future of industry and living, we pioneer the latest in electric and electronic engineering.

Electric and electronic engineering is a foundational field of study that enables convenient and safe living through industries such as solar batteries and power generation systems, electric transmission networks, electronic devices for home/industrial use, computers and microelectronics. The Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering understands these industries to be essential in realizing the sustainable development of society, and equips students with advanced technical knowledge and expertise to create innovative electric and electronic systems. The department strives to nurture engineers who have a comprehensive understanding of each of the fields in the diverse study of electric and electronic engineering, and are able to adapt their knowledge to new fields.

Department of Applied Chemistry

We strive to design/synthesize innovative materials to contribute to a more energy-saving, ecological society.

The Department of Applied Chemistry aims to equip students with chemical expertise essential to developing innovative materials and synthesizing processes that will enable the sustainable development of society. By learning the basics of chemistry such as molecular structure and chemical reactions, students will acquire advanced skills in synthesis and analysis through experimentation and training. By encouraging students to take part in globally significant, pioneering studies, the department nurtures exceptional chemists who will thrive both domestically and internationally and contribute to the future of society.