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School of Design


About the School of Design

You can choose either a practical or academic entrance exam. Once accepted, even priorly inexperienced students can learn the basic approaches to design through the school's unique aesthetic education.
Learning at the School of Design broadens possibilities Education in design is enabled through a curriculum that merges training in aesthetic sensitivity with that of practical skills.
After selecting a course in their third year, students concentrate on two fields within their course area before eventually deciding on a more specific major to pursue in depth in their second semester. Through this process, students develop a broad perspective and the necessary skills for design.

Two Courses in Design

Industrial Design Course

We nurture individuals with the ability to integrate overall human activity.

Through extensive hands-on experience in planning and proposing numerous design projects, the Industrial Design Course equips students with skills in designing and planning. Students build on the basics they learn from training in aesthetic sensitivity and practical skills, and choose a concentration in the second semester of their third year to study in more depth. The two available concentrations are the Spatial Design Major, which teaches how to design interiors, displays, and other spaces, and the Industrial Design Major, which teaches how to design products such as devices, furniture, and miscellaneous merchandise. The course nurtures individuals who understand the relationship between design and human activity, and can integrate that knowledge into their projects.

Visual Design Course

We nurture the ability to aid communication in society through visual means.

Students build on the basics they learn from training in both aesthetic sensitivity and practical skills to develop their visual communication abilities in various forms of media. From the second semester of their third year, students choose to pursue either the Visual Design Major, which teaches the techniques and skills involved in graphic, editorial, web, illustration, and animation design, or the Audiovisual Design Major, which teaches how to plan, propose, and produce video content such as TV ads, promotional videos, online content, and CGI. Students are encouraged to develop visual communication skills that appeal to human sentiment.