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Part-time work opportunity at Tokyo University of Technology(Hachioji Campus)

1. Position: English Assistant for Active Learning Centre for English (chatting lounge).

2. Working hours: Every Wednesday from 15:00 to 18:00 (3 hours) during term, from April to July, and September to January. Possibility of one further afternoon session (Thursday or Friday).

3. Wage: 15,000 yen (pre-tax) per 3-hour working day, inclusive of travel expenses.

4. Location: Active Learning Centre for English (“ALICE”), Tokyo University of Technology Hachioji campus library building 3F. The nearest station is Hachioji Minami No on JR Yokohama Line. See website: www.teu.ac.jp

5. Appointment commences mid-April 2016 and ends mid-January 2017.

6. Requirements: Candidates will be English native speakers (or very proficient non-native) who can communicate with our undergraduate students in a friendly and relaxed manner. A little Japanese knowledge would be an advantage. Priority will be given to younger candidates (20s) and those living closer to the campus.

7. Work duties: i) chatting freely with students who visit the ALICE centre outside regular class times, ii) planning and running occasional events (Halloween, Christmas etc), iii) creating interesting special communicative topics and activities to attract and engage the students, iv) completing a few administrational tasks each week.

8. Application procedure: Please submit a CV and covering letter, either via post or email (see below).

9. Deadline: Wednesday 2 March 2016, 18:00

10. Interviews will be held in the first half of March.

11. Please submit applications to:
  Prof Alistair Campbell
  Tokyo University of Technology
  Department of Liberal Arts
  1404-1 Katakura-cho
  〒 192-0982
  e-mail: campbell@stf.teu.ac.jp
  For enquiries, telephone: 042-637-2594